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Learn the Truth about Israel Apartheid Week – Let an Expert Talk


 In the entire history of the African people, there is only one group of people taken out of Africa not in chains but to freedom – this is the story of the Ethiopian Jews.

According to Wikipedia

The demography of Israel is monitored by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics. The State of Israel has a population of approximately 8,134,100 inhabitants as of the end of 2013.[2] 75% percent of them are Jewish (about 6,102,900 individuals), 20.7% are Arabs (about 1,683,200 individuals), while the remaining 4.3% (about 348,100 individuals) are defined as “others” (family members of Jewish immigrants who are not registered at the Ministry of Interior as Jews, non-Arab Christiansnon-Arab Muslims and residents who do not have an ethnic or religious classification).

75% percent of Israelis are Jewish

Israel’s annual population growth rate stood at 1.9% in 2013, three times faster than the OECD average of around 0.6%.[3] Generally, population trends in Israel reflect distinct patterns of three sub-groups: Mainstream Jews (around 63.4% of the population), Haredi Jews (11.5%), and Arabs (20.7%).[4] Over the past decade, the Arab annual population growth has fallen significantly from around 3% to 2.2% by 2013,[5] while the overall Jewish growth rate rose from around 1.4% to 1.7%, primarily due to the expanding Haredi sector.[6]

 Most Jewish Israelis are dark skinned Africans or Middle Eastern


The majority of Jewish Israelis are African — according to Wikipedia

The majority of Israelis, even Jewish Israelis are dark skinned Africans. The largest percentages come from countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt and Ethiopia. There is also a large number of Indian Jews who come primarily from Kochin in India. There is no concept of race in Israeli socity.

Most Israelis find their roots in Africa - Israel Apartheid week