Israel Apartheid Week Introduction

Israel Apartheid Week

In March 2014, on campuses around the world, and with the financial backing of Iran and other Islamic Fundamentalist theocracies, a small group of students will attempt to convince fellow students that Israel is Apartheid during Israel Apartheid Week. Like most democratic countries, Israeli society is far from perfect. Israel struggles with issues of identity and survival, with security and human rights. It struggles with issues of minority rights within a Jewish majority and most of all it struggles with an occupation that has plagued it since 1967. How to grant land to Palestinians, many of whom are yet to accept Israel’s right to even exist and are committed to Israel’s destruction.

When two military men meet - Israel Apartheid Week

Former President Nelson Mandela with Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak – the two military men had a great bond of friendship

Mandela-Peres Israel Apartheid Week

Two of the greatest Nobel Peace Laureates – President Nelson Mandela & President Shimon Peres

No one trusts the BDS and the Organizers of Israel Apartheid Week

Most intelligent people understand that  Israel Apartheid Week, a campaign founded by the BDS, is merely one propaganda tactic in a war to destroy Israel. In 1948, the Arab world refused to accept the United Nations’s creation of Israel (which also created a Palestinian State) and six Arabs states attacked the fledgling Jewish State in an attempt to destroy it. What was to be the Palestinian state was then occupied by Egypt and Jordan. Jordan went so far as to annex the West Bank to itself claiming it an integral part of Jordan. Again a few years later, Egypt tried to strangle the Jewish State by blockading the Suez Canal and the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping. In 1967, once again, Egypt, Syria and Jordan attempted to destroy Israel, and in 1973 Egypt and Syria again attacked.

Mandela and Weitzman Israel Apartheid Week

Former President Nelson Mandela with former Israeli President Ezer Weizman

Mandela and Weitzman in Israel - Israel Apartheid Week

Former President Nelson Mandela with former Israeli President Ezer Weizman during Mandela’s visit to Israel


With the failure of military action to destroy Israel, the Arab world has worked tirelessly to undermine the credibility of the Jewish state. Today the two primary tactics are political – BDS and trying to equate Israel to the heinous system of Apartheid in South Africa. The truth is,  that Israel in one of the most democratic and free societies in the world. Israel itself  practices none of the policies inherent in the horrors of Apartheid. Where Israel does however fail, is over the issue of occupation, in a similar way to the manner in which the British occupy the Falkland Islands, America occupies the Marshall Islands, China occupies Tibet, India occupies Kashmir etc.

Yasser Arafat and Nelson Mandela

Israeli President Ezer Weizman, Nelson Mandela and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat


Two of the greatest South African gentlemen – Nelson Mandela with Mendel Kaplan Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Philanthropist and Induistrialist


Would Israel Apartheid Week End if the Occupation Ended? – NO says BDS

When the BDS movement was asked whether BDS ended if Israel ended its occupation of the West Bank, BDS was emphatic that the answer was – NO.

This war to delegitimize Israel has nothing to do with Israeli occupation or Apartheid, it has everything to do with the destruction of Israel. The Arab and Muslim world refused to accept the establishment of Israel by the United Nations in 1948, and that battle to eliminate Jews from the Middle East continues today.

Rather than solving the issue of acceptance, security and occupation, Israel Apartheid Week attempts to demonize and deligitimize. Israel Apartheid Week destroys the prospects of a peaceful resolution for Israelis and Palestinians – because for the radicals behind Israel Apartheid Week – peace is the enemy and destruction is the goal!

Mandela in israel - Israel Apartheid Week

Nelson Mandela in Israel laying a wreath at Yad Vashem

Mandela in israel - Israel Apartheid Week

Nelson Mandela in Israel at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial

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